Serving Redmond, Bend and Central Oregon

Residential, Commercial, and RV’s

Cabinet tune-ups Adding accessories and appliances

Repairs Touch-Ups

Modifications & Retro-fits for home theater entertainment cabinetry

Install Flat screen TVs and articulating arms

(Have Flat screen Lift for fast & safe Installs)

fireplace1Finish and trim work

Closets and Garages

Install/Uninstall Cabinets

(Have cabinet Lift for fast and safe Installs)

Cabinet LiftReasonable hourly rate $60.00

Independent Kitchen & Bath Cad design

Remodeling consultations available

Over 35 years experience Approved warranty work

My first objective is to FIX iStock_000010793599XSmall and/or FINISH iStock_000009716071XSmall what you have. If we can avoid spending a lot of time and your money, we’re both ahead. This is why I roll with comprehensively stocked vehicles for your service call.

I am well equipped and many problems may not take as long as you think to resolve. When contacting me; please have a detailed description of your problem, you can use email with attached digital photos, this may save time in that I may pick up additional items on the way to your location. This, with a good phone conversation to get a good picture of your needs will help give me the opportunity to determine whether I’m the right serviceman for your needs. I’ll be happy to refer you to another contractor more suited for your situation. For example I’m not a licensed electrician or a plumber; I am a finish/trim carpenter, furniture/cabinetmaker, floating floor, and countertop tech. I’m a bonded and licensed ‘Residential Specialty Contractor’.

(guilty dog, bad dog!)
(guilty dog, bad dog!)

If you’re a renter wishing to get your ‘deposits’ back, or a landlord wishing to re-rent, property management agency, real estate agency, or a home owner who regrets damage to an otherwise nice home;

Contact me at info@andresfixandfinish.com Please read my rates, terms, and warranty info; click on the link in the left panel.

iStock_000009148892XSmallHave you bought a considerable amount of KD (knock-down) furniture or cabinets? I can assemble and install them for you. I qualify for small commercial tenant improvements as well, under certain circumstances.

iStock_000000626907XSmallHave you started a ‘do-it-yourself’ (remodel) project and find yourself in a predicament? Don’t feel bad, I can fix quite a variety of issues.

We CAN discuss ‘remodel’ if that is where you want to go. I’m a fully qualified kitchen and bath, and commercial casework (cabinet) designer/engineer, and can provide drawings.