Restored w Hinges2

TV Frame and Doors Wrong Hinges for the Job

This is a post installation of a TV face frame and doors fabricated and installed after the original TV Entertainment cabinet was installed. The fabricator did a decent job originally, but he used inappropriate hinges that failed to stay fixed in holes in the edges of the ply/PB core panel material he used. Thus the hinges pulled out of the frame under the doors weight. The frabricators ‘fix’ to glue the hinges in the holes and adding screws only made matters worse. The customer lived with it that way for years, until it completely failed.

My job: remove the hinges, remove the affected edgetape, Bond-O the existing holes with a fiberglass compound, trim, clean and re-edgetape the frame and doors. Add cleats for new half-crank free swinging Blum hinges. Bore 35mm hinge cup holes and re-hang doors. Other considerations were cleaning up green stains from glue used in previous attempted repairs.

What follows are some of the ‘before’ conditions:

 Falling off the hinges
Customers Problem Frame removed2 Frame removed1
 Removing hinges
Attempted Repair2 Attempted Repair1 Attempted Repair3
Previous Touchup  Failed Edge Tape
Failing edgetape
 New edgetape:
Re-Edgetaped3 Re-Edgetaped1 Re-Edgetaped2
Re-installed with new hinges:plus new edgetape on shelves.
Restored w Hinges1 Doors opened and closed Restored w Hinges2